Ocean Freight

transport goods quickly and efficiently across the world.

About Ocean Freight

Ocean freight, also known as sea freight, refers to the transportation of goods by sea. It is a common mode of transportation for large quantities of goods that are not time-sensitive and can withstand longer transit times. Ocean freight involves the use of cargo ships that are designed to carry containers or breakbulk cargo.

Ocean freight can be used for both domestic and international shipments. It is often used for bulk commodities such as grains, chemicals, and minerals, as well as consumer goods such as clothing, furniture, and electronics. Ocean freight is also a popular mode of transportation for vehicles and heavy equipment.

What's the benefits

Ocean freight is typically less expensive than air freight, but it has longer transit times and is more affected by weather conditions and port congestion. It also requires more complex logistics and handling procedures due to the need to load and unload cargo from ships.

Despite its disadvantages, ocean freight is a crucial component of global trade, enabling businesses to transport large quantities of goods across the world at a lower cost than other modes of transportation. With the growth of global trade, ocean freight continues to play a vital role in the movement of goods around the world.