Air freight

transport goods quickly and efficiently across the world.

About Air freight

Air freight, also known as air cargo, refers to the transportation of goods by air. It is a popular mode of transportation for goods that are time-sensitive, valuable, or perishable. Air freight is faster than other modes of transportation such as sea or land transportation, and it is often used for shipments that require speedy delivery.

Air freight can be used for both domestic and international shipments. It involves the use of cargo planes or commercial passenger planes that are equipped with cargo holds. The cargo is loaded into the plane and transported to the destination airport, where it is then unloaded and transferred to trucks or other modes of transportation for final delivery.

What's the benefits

Air freight is commonly used for items such as electronics, medical equipment, perishable goods, and high-value items such as jewelry and artwork. It is also used for time-sensitive shipments such as emergency medical supplies, relief goods, and critical machine parts

Air freight can be more expensive than other modes of transportation, but it offers many advantages such as faster transit times, greater security, and reliable delivery schedules. It is also less affected by weather conditions and traffic congestion than other modes of transportation.