Egypt's Mostaqbal Power Station


Egypt's Mostaqbal Power Station

Transporting more than 3,000 containers Powered by Madkour Utilities

The project aims to develop the northwestern coast region through the establishment of new urban and agricultural communities characterized by an appropriate administrative system.

In addition, the project targets to establishing industrial complexes based on full-fledged agricultural production and the stages of crop cultivation and harvesting with the latest mechanisms, then sorting, packaging and manufacturing. The “Mustaqbal Misr” project provides hundreds of thousands of new job opportunities.

The project, also, aims to bridge the agricultural gap at the local level to provide high quality agricultural products at reasonable prices for citizens and to export the surplus abroad. This is by cultivating 500,000 acres, where about 200,000 acres have been reclaimed in the first phase of the project, and the other phases are being reclaimed with an area of 300,000 acres. The project will depend on providing water resources on the plants that were set up to treat agricultural wastewater.