Anomalous parcels

transport goods quickly and efficiently across the world.

About Anomalous parcels

Anomalous parcels refer to packages or shipments that are unusual or out of the ordinary. These may include packages that are oversized, overweight, or contain hazardous materials. Anomalous parcels may require special handling or transportation methods, and they may also be subject to additional fees or regulations. Businesses that need to ship anomalous parcels should work with experienced logistics providers who can help them navigate the complexities of shipping these types of packages.

What's the benefits

  • Specialized Handling: Anomalous parcels may require special handling procedures, equipment, or packaging to ensure their safe transportation.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Shipping anomalous parcels may involve additional regulatory requirements or permits to meet safety, security, or environmental standards.
  • Flexibility and Expertise: Businesses that are experienced in handling anomalous parcels can provide tailored solutions, ensuring the efficient movement of unique shipments.
  • Niche Markets: By offering expertise in shipping anomalous parcels, businesses can target niche markets, catering to customers with specific shipping requirements and gaining a competitive advantage.